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Installation instructions crimp

The modular connection is an established, inexpensive plug-in system that allows easy installation and activation of the light barrier.

1. Shorten the modular-cable to the appropriate length

Shorten cable with crimping tool

2. Strip 6mm off the cable

Strip off isolation with crimping tool

Strip off isolation with crimping tool

3. Arrange the cable in the color sequence shown
and insert into the correctly positioned plug

colored assembly of the cable

1 black
2 red
3 green
4 yellow
upper locking cap

4. Place the cable and plug into the C4 and crimp them together. Done!

crimping tool joining cable and plug

Witt-C4 Crimp tool
Tool for trimming and dismantling 4-pin modular cable
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Modular-plug C4
10-pack 4-pin plug for modular cable
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For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDFZubehör Modular-Steck-System / accessories modular plug-in system

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