Through-beam photo switches



After mounting the photo-switch the light beam can be adjusted using 3 screws.
Important note!
The optical sensor is spring-mounted. All 3 screws are unscrewed by 1 turn factory-made, the maximum is 3 turns.
The optical sensor is optimally align when the green LED lights up constantly.


Fine Adjustment

Fine adjustment


LED lights up

LED lights up: 100% of the cone of light is hitting the reflector


LED flashing

LED flashing: less than 100% of the cone of light is hitting the reflector




range 0,5...20m 1,5...20m 0,5...13m 0,5...10m 0,5...20m 1,5...7m
operating voltage 10...40VDC
10...40VDC o.
24VAC ±25%
10...30VDC 10...40VDC
24VAC, ±25%
24VDC with 680Ω
current consumption transmitter typ. 8mA
receiver typ. 8mA
transmitter typ. <15mA
receiver typ. <30mA
transmitter typ. 25mA
receiver typ. 7mA
transmitter typ. 25mA
receiver typ. 13mA
transmitter <25mA
receiver <30mA
max. 20mA at 24V
output semi-conductor relay, short-circuit protected,
potential-free NOC
semi-conductor relay, changeover contact PNP or NPN, max. 200mA
short-circuit protected
PNP transistor output, max. 30...40mA,
short-circuit protected
semi-conductor relay, changeover contact 2-wire-interface

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