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Reflective photo-electric switch RP 25

The RP 25 reflective photo-electric switch has been specially developed for door installations and offers the optimum solution for this application.


  • can safely detect any reflective object
  • range 0.5...15m, depending on the type of reflector
  • insensitive against ambient light
  • high degree of protection IP65
  • optional cable entry
  • large terminal compartment
  • adjustable optical polarizing filter
  • test input
  • protected against power supply polarity reversal
  • RP 25 operating voltage 10...40VDC or 24VAC ±25%
  • relay output
  • easy adjustment of the optical sensor
  • alignment- and contamination indicator


Polarisation filter:
Detects even "shiny" objects between the photo-electric switch and the reflector.

Large maximum range:
Provides capacity to allow for dirt, rain, snow and fog.

Optional cable entry:
Two break-out ports are provided in the casing. Cable entry can be from below or from the rear.

Immune to external light sources:
The photo-electric switch is unaffected by external light sources or sunlight.

High degree of protection:
The hermetically sealed casing is suitable for exterior use.

Relay output:
Potential-free changeover contact

Protected against polarity reversal:
The photo-electric switch is protected against power supply polarity reversal

Terminal compartment:
The RP20 has a large terminal compartment. The screw terminals can also be pulled out for easy connection.

Adjustment screws:
Even when the casing is fixed in position, the photo-electric switch can be adjusted using three adjustment screws on the circuit board.

Soiling indication:
If the photo-electric switch gradually becomes soiled, the red LED starts to flash before the photo-electric switch becomes ineffective.

Alignment indication:
The alignment LED flashes red when the photo-electric switch is not optimally aligned to the reflector. Alignment OK = LED lights up green


Ordering details

Order number
RP 25 (set)

with reflector RD82SW4, cable gland M12 and pass-through grommet
Order number
RP 25 (set)

with reflector RD82SW4, mounting brackets for the RP 25 HW-LS, mounting brackets for the reflector HW-RD82, insulation for the reflector ISO-RD82, including a cable gland M12 and fastening material for the mounting brackets
Order number

Please also see our accessory inventory to find suitable components for the reflective photo switch.


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDFRP25 Reflexionslichtschranke / photo reflective switch

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