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Non-contact safety edge NOCON

The NOCON is a modular system for easy series assembling respectively converting the standard rubber profile safety edge into a non-contact system.

  • non-contact safety edge
  • compatible with all common door controls
  • regulated transmit power for door width adaptation
  • faster door closing possible
  • very small or no closing forces
  • trouble-free assembling
  • easy retrofitting without design change on the door
  • integrated approach stopper
  • LED-indicator
  • high electromagnetic interference immunity
  • insensitive against ambient light
  • low-maintenance construction
  • large door width possible


The non-contact safety edge NOCON has been developed according to EN12978 "Safety devices for power operated doors and gates". The NOCON is ideal for the conversion into a non-contact safety edge system. Even on older door installations fitted with contact safety edges a compliance of the maximum closing forces is no problem. In the fully closed position the door can rest on the NOCON because the housing is designed to act as the stopper.
The non-contact safety edge NOCON is the ideal combination of functionality, safety and easy assembling. The NOCON is suitable for series production but also very easy to use for retrofitting as an alternative for the approach stopper. No design changes on the door are necessary. The safety light beam runs beneath the door rubber profile and because of that obstructions will be recognised without contact. Through this faster door closing is possible without exceeding of permitted closing forces.

Ordering details

Order number
for sectional doors

transmitter 1m with Molex-plug
receiver 10,5m with Molex-plug
Order number
for roller shutters

transmitter 1m with Molex-plug
receiver 10,5m with Molex-plug
Order number
Because of the several different models and therefore many article numbers please get all the different models and numbers from the data sheet.


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDFNOCON Voreilende Schliesskantensicherung / non-contact safety edge

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