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Safety light curtain LIGI-10-FLEX

Maximum operational reliability
The mechanical construction of the LIGI, a aluminium profile fully filled with epoxy resin and high-grade connector, is extremely robust in line with the tough environmental demands imposed on gate systems. The LIGI is highly insensitive against ambient light, even direct sunlight does not impair its functionality. The LIGI is also resistant to electromagnetic interference such as can occur in door drives that use low-frequency inverters.

A high rate of variant diversity
The rate of product variants is very high. Various combinations of protection field height, beam geometry, semiconductor output variants or the OSE output are available for direct connection to the closing-edge inputs of most door controllers.

Retrofitting older gate systems / Compliance with ASR A 1.7
The safety light curtain is ideal for upgrading or retrofitting door systems which cannot comply with the specified maximum closing forces.

Technical data

Door widths 1,0...8m
Detection zone height max. 1523mm
Operating voltage 10...30VDC
Current consumption Transmitter: Approx. 30mA (24V DC)
Receiver: Approx. 20mA (24V DC)
Power consumption Approx. 1.2W
Channel count max. 70
OSE output approx. 950 Hz, alternating signal, short-circuit-proof, protected against reverse polarity
SSR semiconductor relay 100mA, short circuit-proof, potential-free
Response time <100ms
Reactivation time <800ms
Ambient light safety ≥100klux
Housing material Aluminium profile fully encapsulated in 2K epoxy resin
Connection M8-6-pole plug
Degree of protection IP67 as per EN60529
Operating temperature -20...+60°C
Storage temperature -30...+70°C
Safety light curtain LIGI-10-FLEX


All LIGI-10-FLEX devices come with a 6-pin plug system. The delivery includes one connecting cable of 5m and 15m each.

LIGI-10-FLEX Varianten

Description -
Number of beams (a+b)
SF a SF b SSR semi conductor relay OSE output
Item no.: Item no.:
LIGI-10 - a11/b10 240 217,5 322218 322206
LIGI-10 - a11/b12 240 262,5 322221 322209
LIGI-10 - a11/b14 240 307,5 322224 322212
LIGI-10 - a11/b16 240 352,5 322227 322215
LIGI-10 - a16/b10 352,5 217,5 322230 322194
LIGI-10 - a16/b12 352,5 262,5 322233 322197
LIGI-10 - a16/b14 352,5 307,5 322236 322200
LIGI-10 - a16/b16 352,5 352,5 322239 322203
Included in the scope of supply:
Transmitter and receiver, connection cable S34G-LIGI/5m (316600), connection S34G-LIGI/15m (316601), screws set (319084)


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PDFLIGI-10-FLEX catalog


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:


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